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Non-Contact Hanging Bracket Wall Type Automatic Thermometer Forehead Gun Intelligent Human Body Induction Electronic Thermometer


* Non-contact digital display high-precision intelligent thermometer, can be detected close to it, no need to hold it, avoid cross-infection and save manpower.

* 0.1S fast induction temperature measurement: non-contact infrared temperature measurement, simple and easy, fast measurement, avoid cross-infection.

* Household thermometers will warn when the test fails or the temperature is abnormal. The temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit can be switched.

* Humanized design: Safety and accuracy are the most important basic requirements for thermometer equipment. On this basis, this thermometer is carefully designed to make it more humane and better to use.

* It can be used in offices, subways, shopping centers, communities and other different occasions.


Temperature measurement accuracy: Accuracy ±0.2℃

Response time: 0.5 seconds

Transmission interface: USB Android standard interface

Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm automatic measurement

Input voltage: USB DC5V

Standby time: About one week

Product weight: 350 grams

Installation method: Hanging, double-sided tape, bracket fixed

Dimensions: 170*115*140mm

Working temperature: 10°C~40°C (15°C~35°C recommended)

Measuring range: 0-50℃

Standby mode: 5S standby during non-working time, red dot dynamic cycle

Display: Digital display

Package includes:

Electronic Thermometer * 1