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Four Seasons Universal Dani Leather Charcoal Car Seat Cushion


Note: For the front seat cover quantity 1 means (1 PCS)seat cover,  if you need 1 pair please order Quantity 2


Breathable bamboo charcoal cushion,Non-slip silicone materia

Bench seat cover back shows

  • Healthy MaterialLeather Car Seat Covers, made of healthy material,  Bamboo charcoal health care cushion, activated bamboo charcoal and high elastic sponge. Can be long-term used,  keep the buttocks and back of users refreshed.
  • Car Seat Protector wear-resistant leatherhigh cortical strength, toughness, wrinkle resistance, wear-resistant, anti-static, good flame retardation. Bamboo charcoal leather has good adsorption function in health care , be conducive to relieve fatigue.
  • Small Pocket with individuation - Easily and fast get your stuff from front pocket, such as mobile phone and wallet,etc. Just take them when you need.

Install  instruction


  • Suitable for most vehicles,easy to dismantle and wash. Just wipe it with damp cloth to ensure they are clean and free from any debris and spots. Easy to keep  car space clean and comfortable, enjoy the driving and ensure safety.

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