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3D Mask Holder Three-Dimensional Space Silicone Inner Support Mask Holder


1. Food grade silicone mask holder, soft and no oppressive feeling, you can drink water without taking off the mask.

2. Design carefully, 23 ventilation holes, use to breathe more smoothly.

3. Curved 3D frame, strictly abide by the design of the golden triangle ratio of the nose, nose and chin.

4. It can be boiled and sterilized, silicone material is resistant to a high temperature of 230°℃, high-temperature disinfection and cleaning cycle use.

5. Silicone 3D stereo breathable bracket, a new generation of stents adds drinking stoppers, effectively reduce more contact.


Product Name: Silicone Drinking Mask Support Frame

Size: 8.5CM*11CM*4CM

Color: black, blue, pink, gray, white

Material: Food grade platinum silicone

Weight: about 25.3G

Purpose: Effectively reduce makeup loss due to internal contact with disposable masks, poor breathing, facial allergies, etc.


1. Use scissors to cut out a gap that matches the size of the mask plug;

2. Insert the stopper into the gap with the mask and support frame;

3. The symmetrical and anti-dropping buckle is good;

4. The two sides correspond to each other in a good position;

5. It can be put on and used.

Package includes:

Mask holder x 10